Amsterdam is a city known for its charming canals and intimate settings, and the growing array of boutique hotels in the city add to the allure of your trip. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam (or just daydreaming about someday) we’ve curated our top tried and true choices. These boutique hotels have a unique character, and an unmistakable personality that will elevate your experience in Amsterdam – and were chosen as a Wayfarer favorite because of their hospitality, aesthetic, location, and overall vibe. Without further adieu, here are five of the best boutique hotels in Amsterdam that we believe will make you fall in love with the city’s culture, history, and elegance.

The Hoxton: A Perfect Blend of Old and New

Location: Herengracht 255

Price Point: Moderate

Like the city of Amsterdam, The Hoxton Amsterdam reflects history and culture amidst modernity. Located on the scenic Herengracht canal, the Hoxton embraces the traditional Dutch architecture of the 17th century. The Hoxton boasts 111 stylish rooms with an elegant industrial design inspired by the Dutch Golden Age. It offers travelers one of the most comfortable and intimate stays in Amsterdam. Featuring a popular restaurant and bar and a concept store located in the lobby, The Hoxton is full of life and a perfect accommodation choice for visitors looking for a luxurious urban experience.

Pulitzer: A Secret Hideaway in the Heart of Amsterdam

Location: Prinsengracht 323

Price Point: Luxury

Bordered by canals and located in the heart of Amsterdam, Pulitzer Amsterdam is possibly the best-hidden gem in the city. The hotel offers 225 unique guest rooms located across twenty-five historic canal houses. Each room is painted in vibrant colors and adorned with elegant furnishings, bringing the city’s rich history to life. The Pulitzer’s extraordinary ambiance is complemented by a welcoming atmosphere, where guests are treated like family. Trendy bars and Michelin-starred restaurants are just a few minutes walk away. And when you need a respite from Amsterdam’s bustling city center, head to the Pulitzer’s hidden garden to relax and soak up the beauty of your surroundings.

Morgan & Mees: Trendy & Chic

Location: Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 2

Price Point: Moderate

Morgan & Mees is a trendy boutique hotel located in the lively neighbourhood of Amsterdam West. It is well known for its sophisticated vibes and stunning guest rooms. The hotel boasts 9 beautiful, spacious rooms with a minimalistic design and modern amenities. Its rustic-brick walls and refined ambiance bring an element of luxury to the spirited neighbourhood. Staying at Morgan & Mees gives you the exciting opportunity to lose yourself in the rich culture of Amsterdam while savoring an exceptionally classy experience.

The Dylan: A Picture Perfect Getaway

Location: Keizersgracht 384

Price: Luxury

The Dylan is a destination hotel known for its charismatic decor and unbeatable location. The elegant hotel boasts 40 refined rooms, including 9 premium suites, each decorated in a modern and stylish manner. The Dylan hotel is an ideal stay for those looking for exclusivity and privacy combined with top-notch elegance. It offers an excellent restaurant, a cozy lounge, and a beautiful private garden. Moreover, it also has a spa which is a perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate after a hectic day in the city.

Sir Adam: A Rockstar Experience

Location: Keizersgracht 384

Price: Moderate

Sir Adam hotel is located in the iconic A’DAM tower, an impressive building that juts out of Amsterdam’s skyline. Sir Adam is a unique hotel that embraces Amsterdam’s love for all things creative and bold. Its concept is inspired by the world of music and its appreciation for art. The hotel’s 108 city-facing rooms and suites are intelligently designed with contemporary art and cutting-edge interiors. Sir Adam has several distinctive features that make it stand out in the crowded Amsterdam hotel scene such as its rooftop bar on the 8th floor from where you can enjoy panoramic views of Amsterdam.

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Jul 12, 2023


Amsterdam, Netherlands