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The Spellbinding Serenity of Naxos

Unlike the bustle of Mykonos, there’s a certain tranquility that envelopes Naxos. It’s fitting for the island that was once home to none other than Zeus, the king of the gods. The sheer beauty of the olive groves and sparkling beaches is awe-inspiring, while the tavernas offer the most scrumptious slow-cooked lamb you’ve ever tried! Plus, the local wine, a rich, sun-soaked red, is an absolute must.

Paros, A Feast for the Eyes (and the Palate)

Right next door, Paros stands as a testament to the pure, unfiltered beauty of the Aegean. Dreamy azure bays, quaint fisherman cottages, and an array of beachside lounges that offer the tastiest seafood meze platters—Paros feels like an island from a dream. The local wine here, a lick-your-lips dry Moraitis white, pairs oh-so-well with just about everything on the menu.

Rhodes, Winding Back the Clock

Stepping into Rhodes is like stepping back into a time of knights and castles. The island’s illustrious past is woven into the very fabric of the town, from the cobblestone streets to the ancient walls. The local wine—a strong, robust red that feels like history in a bottle, is as enjoyable as the scenic walking tours—and that’s saying something!

Milos, A Journey into Timeless Beauty

On this enchanting isle, time seems to bend and dance to its own rhythm. Discover secluded coves of pristine sand, where waves caress the shore in a gentle symphony. Follow the winding paths that lead to ancient villages, their whitewashed facades adorned with vibrant bougainvillea and secrets whispered between cobblestones. Milos, like an artist’s canvas, reveals a vibrant palette of colors crafted by earth’s own hand. Wander through lunar landscapes adorned with surreal rock formations carved by nature’s hand, each bend in the terrain unraveling a new chapter of the island’s story. The world-famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos, with curves chiseled to perfection, stands as a graceful testament to the island’s mythical past.

So there you have it, folks! These hidden Greek islands are awaiting your discovery. Mosey on over, soak in the atmosphere, treat your taste buds and pour yourself a glass of local wine. It’s all about the journey and the experience—oh, what an experience it will be!

Escape to Greece: The Magic of Lesser Known Greek Islands


Jul 6, 2023